I am a freelance media professional, based in the States after spending the last four years living in SE Asia with my wife and two sons. I have a lot of experience traveling around Asia creating videos, composing film scores, and creating graphic animation projects, and I am always on the lookout for the next inspiring project. I specialize in documentary-style film work, orchestral film scores and corporate graphic animated explanatory videos. Please contact me if you can use my services.


As a video writer/shooter/editor, I specialize in mobilization and promotional videos in documentary style. Having spent the last four years living in Thailand, traveling around SE Asia and beyond, I have a good amount of experience living and shooting overseas. I am available for projects at home and abroad.


For samples of my work online, please head on over to my portfolio page. Thanks.


Since I was a young teenager I dreamed of becoming a film composer, and that passion has continued until today. Composing film scores and tracks for videos is a true passion of mine, and the purest expression of my own creativity.  I have worked on films based in Southeast and Western Asia, and composed custom scores for a handful of short films. It is a joy to research local music online and incorporate ethnic instruments and musical motifs into my scores.

Some of my recent music can be played in the Soundcloud player to the right.


I have experience in graphic animation, specifically web-based explanatory videos for services or companies. I work with the client to develop a script that is right for them; develop visuals with careful attention paid to branding; and arrange for, record, and direct voiceover talent. The video to the left is a recent example of this kind of work.